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Blue Light Protection

In today’s hi-tech world, using a computer and mobile phone is a necessity. With the global reach of business and private enterprise, the need for constant connectivity has made much of our lives more convenient and efficient. However, it has also caused some serious concerns among parents, educators, sociologists, and members of the medical community.

The average American child has up to 4 hours of screen time every day. For adults, it’s almost triple that number. According to Nielsen, American adults spend up to 11 hours each day on various types of interactive media. This heavy amount of screen time is, not surprisingly, resulting in significant health issues, especially on the eyes. The most common condition is Digital Eye Strain, also referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome.

What Is Blue Light and Is It Dangerous?

There’s just something beautiful, even mesmerizing, about brightly colored lights. Our eyes are naturally drawn to bright lights from shops, Christmas trees, and decorative fixtures. However, while most lights used in home décor or in holiday decorations aren’t harmful, the blue light from digital devices is a different kind of light, and it can be dangerous for your eyes.

Scientifically-speaking, there is a certain range of light that can be seen by the human eye. This is known as the visibility spectrum. Of all the colors of light on the visibility spectrum, blue light has the highest amount of energy and is known to be a primary cause of Computer Vision Syndrome.

Most colors of light on the visibility spectrum emit a constant flow of light. Blue light does not. Its light is less constant, leading to flickering and short disruptions, which forces the eyes to work harder, leading to eye strain and headaches.

Natural blue light is in the atmosphere, and in steady doses, can be good for our overall health. It has been shown to improve memory, moods, and alertness. However, too much isn’t good, either. Excessive exposure to blue light can cause the opposite, such as forgetfulness, depression, and disruption of sleep, and in severe cases, retinal damage. Studies show that less exposure to blue light can drastically improve these symptoms.

Blue Light Protection

So how can you protect your eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome while continuing your computer use without too much interruption? The answer is protective eyewear.

Special computer glasses can shield your eyes from harmful blue light and ease the strain on your eyes. They include a blue light filter, so while you use a digital device, they block harmful blue light from entering your eye. This, in turn, ensures that your eyes don’t have to work as hard to focus and can improve your sleep patterns.